GO BLACK Post Workout

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Enjoy faster muscle tissue repair with our anti-inflammatory CBD and Essential Amino Acids formula. Electrolytes are added to assist the body in the rehydration process post-workout. We hope you enjoy this exciting and unique product!


CBD GO BLACK was formulated to do a few very important things.

1: EAA’s or Essential Amino Acids were used to help speed up muscle repair after exercise. Essential amino acids are not produced by our bodies so they must be consumed from an exogenous resource. Using CBD GO BLACK will complete the amino acid chains that ensure faster muscle tissue repair.

2: CBD’s were added to reduce post workout inflammation throughout the entire body. Inflammation causes tremendous stress on the body. Alleviate inflammation by consuming a full scoop of our CBD GO BLACK after your training. My personal experience with CBD GO BLACK was about 10 to 15 minutes after consuming it post workout was a very pleasant and warm fuzzy blanket feeling. My muscles felt more relaxed and I have a very real calming effect came over me. Needless to say a pleasant experience.

Electrolytes: These were added for hydrating muscle tissue which in turn increases muscle endurance due to properly hydrated muscle tissue .

SUGGESTED USE: Mix one scoop of CBD GO BLACK in 10-12 ounces of cold water and consume immediately following your workout/exercise.

33 1/3mg CBD Per Serving – 30 Servings Per Container